Dead Elvis Kilt SocietyDedicated to wearing of the kilt and promoting fellowship amongst its wearers.

Dedicated to wearing of the kilt and promoting fellowship amongst its wearers.


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Kiltwearers are bonded by their admiration of the garment’s comfort and practicality. Curiously then, why do women find trousers more comfortable than skirts?

At first glance this observation contradicts the obvious comfort of wrap-around garments. Upon closer examination, one sees that’s hardly the case. Kilts have distinct advantages over female skirts…
  • Women complain that skirts are confining and inconvenient. Usually this refers to straight, tight skirts, or lengthy skirts that inhibit mobility. A kilt is the ideal length for masculine activity and has sufficient pleats to allow legs' unrestricted use.
  • Women's skirts generally require the added discomfort of elevated heels and pantyhose. The kilt is worn with comfortable shoes and socks.
  • Women wearing skirts must shave their legs. Conversely, men that wear kilts are strongly discouraged from doing so.
  • Women in shortened skirts must worry about keeping together their legs when they sit. In contrast, a kilt has more than enough fabric allowing a man to comfortably spread his legs apart and the front comes down between them.
  • Women complain that skirts are cold in the winter, whereas a kilt worn with woolen kilt hose is sufficiently warm.
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