Dead Elvis Kilt SocietyDedicated to wearing of the kilt and promoting fellowship amongst its wearers.

Dedicated to wearing of the kilt and promoting fellowship amongst its wearers.


  • What's the difference between tartan and plaid?
    The question itself is not answerable because of the terms used. A tartan is a plaid, but a plaid may or may not be a tartan. A tartan is a set pattern recognized by a clan chief or other authority as representative of that clan or group. There are tartans for Scottish clans, British and US military units, states, cities, and even many corporations have their own pattern.
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  • Do you have to be Scottish or of Scottish descent to wear a kilt?
    Absolutely not. It would be similar to allowing only Americans to wear jeans, or pro baseball players being the only ones allowed to wear baseball caps.
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  • Which tartan may I wear?
    Any one you wish. While it's nice to have a kilt in your own family tartan, what you wear on any occasion is up to you.
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  • Are kilts expensive?
    Not necessarily. A “casual” kilt in a poly-viscose blend fabric can be had for about $65.00.
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  • Doesn’t it have to be made of wool to be a kilt?
    Nope. A critter doesn’t have to fly to be a bird. While wool is the traditional material for a kilt, if you are a full-time kiltie and live in the Southern US, summers can be very uncomfortable.
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  • Full-time kilt wearer!? Aren’t kilts just for special occasions?
    No. If you do buy a nice hand-made 8-yard wool kilt in your family tartan you might want to reserve it for special occasions just as you would an Armani suit. But kilts are so comfortable that many men wear them daily.
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  • What is worn under the kilt?

    That's up to each man to decide.

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